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“…I have been a client of Debra Lawrence for almost two years now…we had been to Blue Moon, Sears, The Picture People -- for my daughter and looking back her pictures looked like everyone else’s baby pictures…We showed up at Debra’s and it had to have been the best experience in a studio I have ever had…We have never been back to those other studios since Debra became out photographer. She gets out photos back quickly and they look amazing. The best part is, that she checks over the final pictures very carefully so I never have to worry about them not being perfect/ Her standards are higher than even a new mom’s.”


“…I wanted to put in to words my sincere appreciation to you and your husband. You two make an awesome team of photographers…As a bride, it is very hard to see everything that goes on during your own wedding. Through all of the pictures you both took, I was able to be everywhere all at once. Looking at those pictures allows me to relive one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you…”

-Dena and Branden

"We want to thank you for making our wedding such a huge success! We had so much fun with you and your husband.  you put so much passion in your work, this was evident in the hustle your husband displayed while getting the perfect shot! 

You were very easy to work with. Our pictures are beautiful.  All of our family and friends that have looked online at the pics all said the same.  We will definitely recommend Abundant Moments to any future bride and groom

- Mike and Amy

"We would like to extend to you our deepest appreciation for your beautiful work.  The first time we met with you, and had our portraits taken, we were amazed.  With each additional appointment we have, our portraits are wonderful works of art.  Not only do you have an exuberant personality which is easy to feel comfortable and relaxed with, but also your love of photography shows in each pose, and moment you capture.

Your willingness to learn new photographic techniques, in order to keep you o the cutting edge, ... you are excited and current on the latest trends. We entirely trust you with the most important moments in our lives, which is very critical when choosing a photographer.  Once those moments have been lived, you cannot go back to them again, except when gazing over pictures. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do.  thank you also "

- John and Kristen

"A wedding is a very exciting time, but it also tends to be stressful. We wanted to let you know just how wonderful you helped make our wedding day.  On the first day we met and started talking about our wedding at Union Station, we felt at ease knowing you would be doing our photos.  I remember calling to ask about doing our "Save the Date" cards and Debra was all excited because she and Greg had gone to Union Station and taken a bunch of test photos. Debra told me about all the best places to take our pictures to have the best lighting and backgrounds.  Shane and I really felt that both Debra and Greg took the time to make sure we got the best.

The day of our wedding, Debra met with us girls and Greg went to take pictures of the guys getting ready. It was so wonderful to see pictures of my husband to be getting ready that I would have never seen if Greg hadn't been there.  Debra helped keep all us girls on track and calm while getting great pictures at the same time.  Then it was time for our private moment.

Debra got me ready, took a few shots of me and then brought Shane into the room. It's hard to express how it felt to see him walk in the room right before the wedding.  Even thinking about it now I get tears in my eyes. Debra was there to capture that moment, a moment we will forever have on film.

We have wonderful shots of the wedding itself.  Debra sent us a checklist asking what shots we had to have and took the time to make sure we had them.  Then it was time for the reception.  Shane and I really wanted shots by the fountain at Union Station.  Debra and Greg took us out two different times to get the right pictures in the best light and thy turned out better than we would have ever imagined.

All of our pictures have turned out great and I love the way our wedding album has come together. It's different than the traditional book and pulls our wedding day together beautifully.  I have been showing our pictures to everyone !...Our wedding day was perfect  and Debra and Greg were a big part of that.  We would not change a thing. "

-Shane and Amy

"...even though Debra and her husband are very busy raising their big family, Debra always showed to be very reliable.  She was always good about returning our many random phone calls and answered all our questions as we got ready for the big day.

Abundant Moments has shown me how professional a family owned business can be by showing up right on time, being organized, and interacting well with me and my husband. Although we had a huge wedding party and family, Debra and her team managed to get pictures of everyone on the list quick and on time.  They are good at getting the job done, being alert at all times and prepared for the most unthinkable little details.  I will never forget how Debra "saved my veil." During our ceremony my three year old nephew stepped on my long veil and it fell off my hair.  Debra had a large hair pin with her at the moment (I do not know how she thought of this detail) and she came behind me and fixed my veil.

...It is not only the little details, professionalism, responsibility, the good heart, and good eye perception for taking pictures that makes Abundant moments photography amazing,; they are also amazing because the care and sense what you want as a couple and will make your dream of having the most amazing pictures that you ever imagine come true.

-Fiorella and Milivoje

"My experience with abundant moments was absolutely wonderful! My wedding took place November 24. I woke up to 6 inches of snow on the ground and a lot of concern. i was concerned that my vendors wouldn't be able to open and /or deliver their product for my wedding.  I was mostly concerned that my minister, which was from my home town about an hour and a half away, would not be able to make it in the snowy conditions.  I got up and prepared myself for a lot of chaos on my wedding day. Immediately I found a message on my phone from Debra reassuring me that everything would be wonderful, and that the snow would only bless the most important day of my life.   I called to talk to her and explain my concerns about the day  Debra ended up having ministers lined up willing to assist if mine was unable to make it. How wonderful!

Debra and Greg ere actually the first to show up at my wedding site, and they had everything planned out before we got there.  They weren't afraid of the snow, and now, neither were we. They were right out there in the snow with us.  Everything went flawlessly.  Everyone knows that getting everyone and their ideas together at a wedding can be a little hectic. Debra and Greg were awesome with all of them...and their ideas!

After returning from my honeymoon, the pictures were ready. the hardest part about the whole process was trying to decide between all of the wonderful pictures.  Debra had been right about eh snow... the beautiful white snow has made it so magical and they definitely capturing it in every picture... My whole experience was unbelievable.

-James and Jill

“…My big day came and Debra was so much more than a photographer. She handled every little detail…she was some how there at every moment when we needed anything, but at the same time she was to out of sight, no one even noticed that she was there…I now plan to use Debra to take pregnancy photos…I can’t wait to see what she can do with this one.”


“…From the moment you and Greg arrived I felt we were blessed. I was a bit scatter brained on our big day, and you were able to keep me calm and make sure nothing was overlooked…Thank you so much for all of the attention you gave to us on our wedding day. I can honestly say that the whole wedding would not have gone as well without your assistance. I would recommend Abundant Moments to everyone, and guarantee they will not be disappointed.”


“…We could not have asked for a more kind, cooperative, and understanding team (we call you two a team). We also have to mention that the prices were very reasonable. The excellent value you present is only outdone by the personalized attention not only during our special day - but the many months prior in planning and answering our questions…”

-Jeff and Keri

“…Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding day so memorable. I was truly lucky to have found such talented and helpful people to not only take photos, put to also help calm a nervous bride, and help with the small details like having a Shout wipe when I got something on my dress. You saved the day! I just can’t believe how long you all stayed just to ensure we got every picture you thought would be good to have. Thank you…”

-Sarah and Michael

“…Jeremy and I want to thank you for the great job you and your husband did photographing our wedding…Jeremy commented to me many times that day that he was really happy with our choice of photographer. You both make us feel comfortable throughout the day…Thanks for the great work.”

-Lisa and Jeremy

“…We just wanted to say thanks for everything you did at our wedding…You are wonderful to work with, and made everything run smooth.”

-T.J. and Molly